Who will make the most out of foreign direct investment in multi brand retail in India

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Who will make the most out of foreign direct investment in multi brand retail in India

While politicians in India are wagging at each other on their stand on multi brand retail in India, foreign investors are keeping their eyes and ears open, and will perhaps jump on the very first opportunity. But who will make the most?

The decision by foreign companies to jump on the cake will be eagerly awaited even by the economists, the politicians and the business houses alike. Since, there is a likelihood of an investment of 49% by the Indian firms, there will be a lot of pushing and jolting to gain the access of the benefits of 49% reserved for Indian firms and subsidiaries. And there will also be a lot of talk on Indian economy. 

As soon as the reports first circulated in the media about the possibility of foreign direct investment in multi brand retail, the first name that has started making the rounds is Wal-Mart. Since, Wal-Mart is already doing business in India with its tie up with Bharti Airtel, now the time has come for the company to open retail outlets in different cities across the country. The expectations in the multi brand retail in India is bound to soar, there are talks that Wal-Mart will come up with retail outlets in at least 22 cities, though, the company has repeatedly declined to come out with figures. 

Some say that the foreign direct investment operations of 51% announced by the Indian government is perhaps, the kind of impetus, which was very much needed for the Indian economy. There are also two other major retail outlets giants waiting to spread their wings in India, Tesco from UK, and Carrefour from France.  But Wal-mart is already way ahead, and the reports have been pouring in that Wal-Mart might be up and running in the multi brand sector within just a year. 

Wal-Mart stores president and CEO for Asia, Scott Price is upbeat about the chances its company will be trying to grab. He has said that he will be gearing up for talks with states that have allowed foreign direct investment in multi brand retail and he would seek permission to open its retail outlets across India in the next 12-18 months. 

He has also reiterated that Wal-Mart will continue to operate in India through its present Indian partner, the Bharti enterprises. He had however, declined to come up with exact figure of the number of retail outlets he plans to open in India.



Ajit Vadakayil said...


This is gonna shock all of you , out of
your pants.

It was decided in the Bilderberg club long
ago, to gate crash into Indian economy, by a conspiracy.

If you want to know what this elite club
is –

Punch into Google search


And if you want to know how the Bilderberg
bankers control the world using their stooges on the PM’s and Presidents chair—

Punch into Google search


The banking cartel had been given a toe
hold in India, by giving away FDI in multi-brand retail and FDI in insurance.

Insurance affects transport costs and
trade costs -- it requires perception to
understand all this.

We are confusing GDP with economic
progress. We are destroying
entrepreneurial activity and eating our own children. Fitch ,
S&P and Moody’s are bouncers for the banking cartel. The economics of Rothschild’s Indian alchemist
Manmohan and his gunslinger Montek is VULGAR pseudo science.

The Indian intelligentsia must wake up!

DORKS shall lay off !

Capt ajit vadakayil


Rajiv said...

You may have your own opinion, but you should never forget
that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is the one who gave India the path to
globalization in the 1990’s with his creative and innovative financial policies.
If he thinks that he could come up with a policy now that could make a difference,
then there is a reason for him to do that. Also, he has the credentials for us
to believe him.

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