5 Ways To Save on Braces Cost

Saturday, September 22, 2012

5 Ways To Save on Braces Cost

It's no secret that braces treatment costs really high and if you have two or three kids in the family who may need it, then the expenses can bring a huge dent in the family budget.  Fortunately, there are ways you can do to help keep down the cost of braces and below are some of these:

1. Consider getting financing.

You can avail of this through your employers or through a third party financing service your friends may have referred to. There's a minimal interest to be covered, but the fact that payment can be spread out in terms, makes payment manageable and easier to comply. Your orthodontist may also be amenable to this kind of arrangement so don't hesitate to discuss and secure a payment scheme with him to save on braces cost. Sometimes, the orthodontist may also be willing to give discounts or write-off interest fees depending on what you have talked about.

2. Use your insurance coverage wisely.

If you happen to get insurance for orthodontic treatment, then you know that this comes with limitations. Most providers will be willing to pay up to only $2500 for braces cost, including preliminary procedures. A couple of visits to the orthodontist alone can use up much of the coverage, so where does that leave you?  Maximize your insurance benefits by going to a regular dentist for tooth extractions, x-rays, fillings and other pre-braces treatments needed, as this is more affordable. Meanwhile, you can take on the insurance for the actual orthodontic treatment with the orthodontist and make the most of the cap covered under it.

3. Shop around for an orthodontist.

Many patients will tell you that rates differ with each orthodontist. Recommendations from friends would be of great help, but you don't have to go with this choice right away based on good words. You have to actually need to get to know the orthodontist and assess if this is the person you will be comfortable working with for the next 24 to 36 months of braces treatment. Sometimes, it's just not the expenses that should factor into your choice, but if these expenses are all worth paying for.  Most consultations are free for the first visit, so try to see at least three experts and assess whom you're most comfortable with.

4. Use a dental school.

Dental schools offer cheaper procedures, including braces treatment, because the people doing these are yet training to become professionals. If you're comfortable with this, then you can look into dental schools within your neighbourhood. If you're worried about malpractice, these dental students are supervised by professionals. You can also look into a list of accredited dental schools from the American Association of Orthodontist, if you want to be certain.

5. Look for subsidized treatment programs.

Look into programs sponsored by organizations and see if their requirements will qualify you for a subsidized treatment. There may be a long list for this though, so expect a long waiting time, as well. Subsidized treatment may also mean that you won't have the luxury of choosing your orthodontist and this may make treatment process tedious.


Helen Moore works as a writer whose forte is under health topics. She is a regular contributor to BracesCostInfo.Com, where she dishes tips and guides on braces management, cost of treatment, as well as product and treatment overviews.

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