Wanna Be a Great Chef 5 Tips for Culinary School Graduates

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wanna Be a Great Chef 5 Tips for Culinary School Graduates

If you are well versed with the saying “Struggle for Existence!”, then it would not seem any surprise if I told you that becoming a great Chef is not such a child’s play. After all, each year, the culinary schools yield hundreds of potential chefs, who all have the same ambition, as that of yours, to be the best chef the world has ever seen. Now, provided that you are genuinely passionate about the culinary arts, then, here are some tips on how to add your name to the list of the “Legendary Chefs of All Time”.

5 Things That Every Culinary Schools’ Graduates Should Consider To Be A Great Chef:–

1.       Food Experiments: Play with the ingredients, Discover New Recipes!

It’s with experiments and, in some cases, unintended mistakes that a chef discovers new recipes for delicious dishes. So, never be afraid of adding or substituting new ingredients to the already defined dishes, for who knows you might create a completely different dish that the hotel industry would praise you for.

If you think that your newfound recipe for a dish is excellent, then you can send it to food shows on TV, and thus gain publicity for both you and your mouth watering dish.  

2.       Upgrade Your Culinary Knowledge: Inspect Culinary Guide Books & Video Tutorials!

Just graduating from a culinary school does not mean that you have learned all about cooking. There are varieties of dishes in this world, which a single person would never be able to master thoroughly. However, you can at least try to upgrade your culinary skills by gaining knowledge of the versatile food dishes of various cultures (such as Italian, French, Indian, etc.).

3.       Open Up A Small Hotel:–Dazzle the Customers With Your Own Yummy Recipes!

In order to gain name and fame as a great chef, you have to start your own business and be the boss, not just an employee! Hence, once you have saved some money, you should give priority to opening a small hotel as a start, and with time (& provided that you are a really good cook!), you would gain customers and die-hard fans of your dishes.  

4.       Know Your Customers:–Stay In Touch With The Latest Food Trends!

You are not the lone chef in this world; there are many others, bent upon creating new dishes that the customers would like. Now, as a chef, you too should respect the interest of your customers, who would much like to taste new dishes. Hence, it would be wise of you to stay in touch with what food recipes other chefs are brewing.    

5.       Compete For Glory:–Participate in Chef Contests To Gain Recognition & Publicity!

The ultimate (and also the quick) way of gaining global recognition as a chef is through the medias. Participate in the television shows like Master Chef, and show your culinary skills to the world.

Author’s Bio:

Smita Subedi is a financial writer for many of the career related blogs and an education consultant. She is in this field for around 10 years. Besides she also guides many students to become a chef through reputed culinary schools.

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