How to Start a Business

Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Start a Business

The need to start one's own business is born every day and many people would like to act on it but do not know how to go about it. The following basic steps can give an idea on how to start a business.

Reasons to Start a Business

The first step one should take before starting their business is to list and analyze the reasons that make them want to start the business. Among the common reasons is the need for financial freedom. Financial freedom helps one exercise utter control over their finances. Another reason is the need for creative freedom that can enable one to come up with ideas for their business without having the fear that they will be shot down. The need to manage a business without having to conform to another person's rules and that of using their knowledge and skills fully are other reasons.

Ideas for the business

If someone wants to start a business, they will have to choose from the different types of businesses that are available or create an idea for one. This is an obvious step that many people overlook as they are lost in their desire to be successful entrepreneurs. For an entrepreneur who is just starting out, a number of options exist; one can choose to buy a franchise or an already existing business. They can also ask for business ideas from other people who have businesses of their own. 

Business Plan

Business plans help the owner of the business and other people evaluate the business. When one is seeking financing for their businesses, the lenders and investors will ask for the plan so that they can go through it before they release the funds. If the money is already there, the businessperson will need the plan for financial projections and business strategies. The plan should include the marketing plan which will be instrumental in explaining the strategies for promoting and advertising services and products. The plan's steps for goal setting will help one analyze the business' success and indicate the capital required for the break even of the company.

Financing of the Business

One needs money to start any kind of business including internet business. Many small businesses have three choices when it comes to financing; bank loans, family, friends and investors. All of the above choices have different considerations for people's businesses. Friends, family and investors often want control and ownership of their part of the new business. Bank loans on the other hand burden the new business with more expenses; repaying the loan that had been borrowed to finance the small business. This can quickly erode the profits that the business has made. One should be careful when selecting their source of capital.

Starting the Business

When most people have a business plan and capital at hand they rush off to start their business completely forgetting the legal issues. The first thing to settle among the legal issues is the legal structure; Corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship. This is because one's financial decisions will affect the kind of structure they have chosen. The owner should then file with their state to include and get a federal number of identification. Other requirements are like business license, Air and Water Pollution Control Permit, Fire Department Permit. County permits, Federal licenses, State licenses and sign permits are the other requirements one should have before starting a business.
Opening the Business

This is the stage where the owner of the business starts to think of making money. Prior to making money at this stage the business owner will have to spend some first. This is in regards to the premises of their business; they have a choice between commercial space and home office. The owner will also have to decide if they want to employ staff to help with running of the business. One should know the taxes they have to collect and pay as well. With the difficult part out of the way one can now settle down to manage their business.


One should make sure that all of the above steps are taken with a clear head to prevent them from losing money. Starting a business can be the best financial decision that many business people have made if they go about it the correct way.

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