How to Plan your Budget for the Big Change

Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Plan your Budget for the Big Change

Are you busy planning a change and a new set up for your own home or office, because you are bored of looking at the same old scenery (read: ‘furniture and appliances’) around you? So, has it been a really long time that you've had, what your friends now refer to as, 'old junk from the middle ages', and are their constant jabs getting under your skin? If it seems like your surroundings are ageing faster than you are, then it's a sign from the universe – you need to realise that it’s time for change and shake things up a bit. It's about time that you change your surroundings, either your own home or office, get rid of your old things and get the latest and the best technology. But remember, you need to plan this out well and work within a budget.

For a home, it is quite a standard list when it comes to furniture like couch, coffee-table, chairs, dining table set, beds, closets, and so on. Also, you need to get all the necessary electrical appliances like a television, music system, computer, cooking range, microwave, air conditioner and the likes. These are all basic necessities, which any modern family can’t do without.

Nowadays, when it comes to styling an office space, it is best to go with a smart and comfortable look. Gone are the days of dull colours, rickety chairs, big desks and cubicles facing each other across drawing room, now, you want to make sure that you got a welcoming and comfortable look, for employees and clients as well. You want to get the best technology to match your reputation. Good, reliable and modern appliances like computers, Wi-Fi routers, air conditioners, and maybe even a security system, coffee-machine or microwave, if needed.

Trying to make sure you get all the modern amenities that you need to start fresh, and working within a fixed budget at the same time, can be quite a daunting task. Here is where smart planning comes into play. From my experience, it is best to research online and read a lot of magazines and books to get good ideas and find out affordable rates. You can also take advice from friends or family who have recently made similar changes to their homes or offices. You need to list down ideas against costs, decide on a proper theme with regards to colours, shades and materials to suit your budget.

Once you have your theme ideas in place, you need to pick out your furniture and appliances accordingly. Again, find out about different brands, from different stores, check for festival discounts and special offers which you can take advantage of. Many furniture chain-stores offer discounts on exchange of old furniture like beds and sofas for new ones. With regards to appliances for example, to find out the air conditioner price, you can go online or walk into local retail shops to check prices. The cost for any appliance, of course, depends on its brand, model, size, type, etc. You need to figure out all options and offers before you decide; appliances should not be spontaneous purchases.

Whether you are moving into a new home after marriage or due to relocation, maybe going through a bad patch in your life financially or emotionally where change is necessary, or even for re-vamping your office with the thought of getting more customers and improving your business -  it’s important to make these big changes sometimes. The bottom-line is, when making any changes in your home or office you need smart planning and research to ensure that you don’t spend unnecessarily and remain within a proper reasonable budget.

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The article is written by Daniel NG.

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