Earn By Your Words! Career Option in Writing

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Earn By Your Words! Career Option in Writing

Writing is one of the most challenging careers. A writer has to express ideas in a manner that befits a situation and requirement. There are different types to writing, each characterized by their set of needs and skills. However, the fundamental of any writing is always the immense knowledge of subject, strong knowledge of language, unending creativity and ability to present ideas clearly. Depending upon your choices, writing could very well help create a lucrative career for you. Here is an insight to some of the most popular writing careers: 

1. Journalism
Journalists are people who write stories for newspapers, magazines, television news channels, websites etc. Journalism involves investigating, researching and reporting events and trends to the general public. A journalist has to study, research and write on the topic investigated. With time and consistent perseverance, a journalist becomes an expert on the subject. Journalists employed in a popular newspaper or magazine can rise to prestigious posts like editor-in-chief on the basis of their productivity and performance. 

2. Scriptwriter for movies

With birth and rise in the popularity of cinema in the 20th century, script writing for movies has become a prolific career option. Popular script writers are paid almost at par with high profile directors. Script writers play the most crucial role in the success of a movie, as the script is the soul of a movie. Good script combined with quality acting can only lead to the success of a movie. Charlie Chaplin, Mark Boal, Tom Schulman, Danny Boyle, Larry David and John Briley are some of the illustrious screen writers of the past century. 

3. Lyricist

Lyricist is a person who writes songs for movies and music videos. Charles Taylor, Stephen Sondheim, Lionel Bart and Norman Newell are some of the most illustrious lyricists that the world has seen. A lyricist has to be dynamic and be able to write lyrics for any genre of music. Like other creative works, earnings of a lyricist depend upon the success of their songs.

4. Novelist and poet

Novel and poem writing has become a lucrative career since the advent of large publishing houses. Popular and successful novelists earn millions through royalties of their novels and through movie rights. Excellent works of literature are also rewarded with various prestigious literary awards like Man Booker International Prize, Nobel Prize in Literature, Neustadt International Prize and Franz Kafka Prize.

5. Comic strip writer

Though, the earliest comic publications date back to the 19th century, but Comics culture gained popularity in the west in the 1930's with the advent of Marvel comics and DC comics in the USA. The comics published by these two publishing houses were so popular that they were sold worldwide. Various comic characters such as Batman, Superman, Captain America, The fantastic four, Thor, Iron man, X-men etc have attained cult status and many movies have been made featured around them. Stan Lee, Geoff Johns and Alan Moore are among the pioneers in the field of comic strip writing. Comic writer should be a person with immense imagination as comics are generally based on genres like mythology, fantasy and science fiction.

6. Video game script writer

Writing scripts for video games could be an interesting career option.  Video games are generally based on themes like action, adventure, fantasy and science fiction. Script writers for video games are responsible for creating characters, scenarios and dialogues. All the popular video games like Max Payne, GTA, Hit man, Prince of Persia, Street fighter, Mortal Kombat etc. came to existence only because of the ideas that germinated in the creative minds of video game script writers.

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