Certified Nursing Assistant 4 Short & Sweet Steps To Be CNA

Friday, August 17, 2012

Certified Nursing Assistant 4 Short & Sweet Steps To Be CNA

You might have a compassionate heart, which aches to see other people in pain, and motivates you to do something. If that is the case, then the career of a Certified Nursing Assistant might be your true calling. Here’s how you may embark in this praiseworthy profession.  

1st Step:–Complete Pre-requisites of CNA Programs!

The doorway of the nursing schools won’t open for you unless you have completed all pre-requisites of CNA programs. Now, speaking of the pre-requisites, a CNA wannabe has to be a high school graduate and to justify that he/she needs to submit the high school diploma or a GED certificate.

Other than that, the CNA schools also demand the applicants to pass a physical health check-up and submit a fresh medical report, stating “negative” on TB skin disease. In addition, you also need to have a clean criminal background to participate in a CNA program.

2nd Step:–Enroll at a State Accredited CNA program!

With the accomplishment of all pre-requisites, your next priority would be to look for a CNA program, which has been graced with the accreditation from your state’s Board of Nursing. By the way, aside from regular classroom-based CNA training programs, you are also at the liberty to apply for online CNA classes, but only if the online CNA program has been approved by your state.

If you are curious about which CNA schools of your locality are currently favoured with state accreditation, then we expect you to pay a visit to the official website of your state’s nursing board.

3rd Step:–Complete the State Approved CNA Training Coursework!

Once you enroll at your desired CNA training school, you will have nothing to do but dedicate yourself thoroughly to the theoretical and laboratory teachings regarding the subject matters such as medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, infection control, patient care and ethics.

Afterwards, your CNA training school would then assign you to a clinical internship at some local hospital or nursing home, from where you would get acquainted with, as well as prepared to uphold, the job duties of a CNA.

Upon successful completion of your theoretical and clinical nurse aide training, which, mind you, might take a couple of weeks or even 1 whole month (& even more), the CNA school of yours would then honour you with the Certificate of Completion!

4th Step:–Pass Nurse Aide Competency Exam & Obtain CNA License!

The Certificate of Completion does testify that you have successfully completed your CNA education but it may not qualify you to challenge the state CNA certification exam or, rather say, Nurse Aide Competency Exam, which comprises of an oral/written test and a clinical skills evaluation test.

In order to sit for the state CNA certification exam, one must have attained CNA training through state approved CNA schools. And, of course, you might also get eligible for state certification, provided that you have completed the state-mandated CNA credit hours.

Author’s Bio:

Antonio Fannin is a nurse herself. She has been in this career for around 10 years. She guides aspiring students to become a CNA

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