2 Things That Online CNA Programs Don’t Provide

Sunday, September 9, 2012

2 Things That Online CNA Programs Don’t Provide

Despite being attached with the “online” label, the online CNA programs, sad to say, cannot be completed wholly online, i.e. only about 30% of the CNA coursework is available on the net while 70% of the remaining CNA education have to be taken personally (not via computer!). Now, you may likely be wondering why online CNA schools are not 100% online. Well, if that is the case, then you need to feast your eyes upon the following content to discover the answer.

Why Are Online Nursing Assistant Programs Not Completely Online?

1.       Hands-on CNA Clinical Training Can in No Way Be Completed Online!

The profession of a Certified Nursing Assistant is not at all about using pens and papers but rather about using their hands and legs to perform the practical job duties.

What I meant is that the CNAs are burdened with the physical task of feeding, bathing, dressing and grooming the disable patients; for good measure, let’s also inform you about the dirty CNA jobs like assisting the patient with restroom works, changing bed pans and their vomit-or-incontinency-spoiled bed sheets.

Now, in order to perform these aforementioned job duties, theoretical teachings are not just good enough. CNA aspirants “must” also have physical or hands-on clinical training which, needless to say, can be completed only at hospitals/nursing homes, and thus is beyond the grasp of online classes.

Note:–Just like the regular/classroom-based CNA schools, the reputed CNA online programs do also have the provision of assigning their students clinical internship (of about 100 credit hours) at some local patient-care facilities.

2.       CNA State Certification Exam Also Requires Your Physical Attendance!

Upon graduation from your online CNA training program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, which denotes the successful completion of your theoretical and clinical training. However, this Certificate of Completion does not grant you official permission for working as a nurse aide in the hospitals and such other healthcare facilities.

For that to happen, you have to personally participate in the Nurse Aide Competency Exam, which is designed by your state’s nursing board to evaluate your nursing skills and determine whether you are well trained enough to hold the job title of a CNA or not.

Hence, the online CNA schools might offer internal course exams & test via internet but they don’t have the power to offer state CNA certification exam in the online format.

# Other Things That Online CNA Training Classes Lack When Compared To Regular CNA Schools!

Laboratory Teaching:–CNA lecture classes are complimented with the laboratory practice but the online schools (except few) don’t have this facility. Instead, they offer video tutorials.

Motivation:–The online classes don’t even provide motivation to study, for there are no real classmates or teacher to guide you, answer your course-related problems and rectify your mistakes. If you feel bored, you can easily drop out from your online CNA class, with no questions asked.

Author’s Bio:

Antonio Fannin is a nurse and an education consultant. She has been in this field for around 10 years. Besides she also maintains some blogs related to CNA.


genebernice said...

It is more beneficial to the people , those who are attending the programs for cna certification,because it makes them to have a bright future.

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genebernice said...

Physical attendance makes the students to learn easily, which results in bright future and it makes to satisfy their duties quickly.


Rajiv said...

Yes, That's true, However, it's hard to explain this to some of the students.

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