How You can Avoid Insurance Fraud

Sunday, July 22, 2012

How You can Avoid Insurance Fraud

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When you think of insurance fraud, you might think of someone damaging his own property to file a pricey claim. However, insurance fraud can also be directed at you as a consumer. There are countless ways that other people can use you and the insurance to get a quick payout for themselves. Here are few tips to help you spot fraud and protect yourself by avoiding it.

Whiplash, Back Injuries and Other Phony Claims


There are countless ways that people can force you to get into an accident with them. Once you strike their car, the door is open for them to claim that they are in serious pain from whiplash or back injuries. Being aware of your surroundings and paying attention to traffic can help you avoid this type of misery. Here are just few of the suspicious driving behaviour you should be on the lookout.

 Drivers weaving in and out of traffic could be trying to get ahead, or they could be looking for a fast payout when someone rear-ends them. 

 A conscientious driver slows down for a yellow light and leaves space between her car and the car in front of her. Be wary of other cars that suddenly shoot into this open space because they could be trying to cause an accident. 

 Cars that pull in front of you and then slow down, forcing you to follow them too closely, could also be trying to set up an accident.

After the Accident


Insurance fraud doesn’t have to involve a staged accident and phony cries of injuries. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than a conscious decision to take advantage of a genuine auto accident and the insurance. People can lie about how the accident happen, fib about how many of their friends were in the car and try to direct you to unscrupulous shops charging outrageous prices. Here are few things to watch out for after an accident.

 Call the cops, especially if there are any injuries. It’s always better to have an official documentation of what happened and who was present. 

 Photograph as much of the accident as you can. This includes the cars, the roadway and other people who are on the scene. A picture speaks a thousand words, and it makes it harder for someone who caused the accident to put a spin on it that puts you at fault. 

 Contact information is important. In addition to getting information about the other driver, jot down the names of people who were in the car. This will help you alert your insurance company if extra friends appear later and claim that they were injured in the accident. 

  Be wary of and avoid any people who try to fix your car fast for cash, tow drivers who want to take your car to a specific shop you didn’t ask for and people who want to send you to certain doctors. You should also avoid any doctor who encourages you to file a personal injury claim even if you aren’t hurt. 

 You have the right to receive detailed bills for repairs and medical services. Keep any receipts you have, related to the accident, and insist on receiving Original Equipment Manufacturer parts at the shop. 

Being observant will help you avoid accidents on the road, even if another party is intent on causing one. If a driver is particularly frightening, you can call the police and report the vehicle and plate number. If you are involved in an accident, be sure to gather as much information as possible on the spot. Call the police for your protection to prevent fraud, and avoid people who are intent on steering you towards costly repairs or phony injury claims.

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