Get out of the vicious circle of defaulted student loan

Friday, April 27, 2012

Get out of the vicious circle of defaulted student loan

Students who pursue courses for higher studies will require student loan. It is not a wrong decision to take student loan. There are few guidelines to take a loan. The repayment pattern needs to be maintained. However, the problem arises when students cannot make payments. Hence, it results in Defaulted Student Loan.

What is a Defaulted Student Loan

When a student takes a loan he has the intention to pay. As per the bank’s discretion the repayment pattern is designed. However, at times, students fail to repay the loan on time. There are several reasons behind this. The student may not have completed the course or there could be few financial problems as well. Hence, it becomes a Defaulted Student Loan.

How to manage Defaulted Student Loan

When a student fails to pay the loan amount on time, the financial charges gets added to the original amount every month. This increases the loan amount and it becomes nightmare for the student. There can be cases where the student has taken several loans and paying them becomes a problem. Therefore, debt consolidation becomes the solution for the problem. Through legal ways the reversal of the charges are possible too. However, it becomes the bank’s discretion to waive off the charges.

What are the advantages of consolidating defaulted student loan? 

There are multiple advantages of consolidating Defaulted Student Loan. Once there is more than one loan then you can club them and start making payments. This can give you a chance to avoid bankruptcy. Late fees are also reversed at times. Interest rates are reduced so that students can make payments. This way you can also avoid the calls from the collection department. At times single monthly payment can be made for the loan. 

Does Defaulted Student Loan affect credit rating?

When a student defaults in paying student loan, he is always worried about his credit rating. Well, initially non-payment results in bad credit history. However, one can surely restore credit rating. You have to choose the repayment plan wisely to get back the right credit history. If you have defaulted student loan that does not mean that you will not know your rights. It is very important to know the rights. Have the intention to pay and never entertain abusive calls.

Non-payment of student loan is not always intentional. Therefore, it is important that a student knows how to get out of this vicious circle. 

Author’s Bio: 

Mariya Neil writes on financial matters. She focuses mainly on defaulted loans and student loans. She also analyzes ways to manage Defaulted Student Loan

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