Singapore airlines A380 to go for an engine change

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Singapore airlines A380 to go for an engine change

Singapore had already grounded its A 380 jets, after a scare atop the Bantam islands in Indonesia.

The A 380 flight which was on its way to Sydney, Australia had to return to its base mid way through the flight because of engine functional collapse. Elaborate tests were conducted, and it was found that traces of oil leak exists on the engines.

After extensive research, the crux of the problem had been traced to A 380 engine. The Trent engines by Rolls Royce need a complete engine change. At present Singapore airlines had already grounded 3 of its A 380 planes, and once the engine problems are not fixed, the planes would remain grounded.

Rolls Royce had asked Singapore airlines to remove the engines so that it gets solved at the earliest.

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