Facebook launches new Mobile app

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Facebook launches new Mobile app

Facebook had come up with a new initiative in the world of mobile advertising. The largest social networking site has launched a feature, which would help merchants to promote their businesses through Facebook’s mobile application.

The merchants would now be able to offer special deals through mobile application. The move would help companies to increase their customer data base, and also offer its existing customers, a chance to grab discounts and coupon offers.

What is striking is the new initiative by facebook would change mobile advertising and mobile internet browsing for better. It is expected that companies would now take mobile advertising more seriously, there would be some competition expected to take place in the near future for mobile ad space.

However, facebook sources have cleared the air on how the charges would apply. The largest social networking site won’t charge merchants directly for using the application, but rather make them purchase advertising space to offer better deals and coupons on facebook.

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