Airtel donates money for Commonwealth games

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Airtel donates money for Commonwealth games

The news however, came late. Airtel, the telecom giant had decided to pay $1 million to the games organizers. The amount is considered by many as very low, but what is more important is the firm’s decision to associate itself with the games, whose image has been tarnished even before the games had started.

Commonwealth games had hit the low button with series of allegations that have been pouring from all quarters.

Firstly, the fall of an over bridge set the tone, and then the games village room was inhabited by a snake, yet, to Airtel's credit, it has somehow decided to pay $1 million as a sponsored amount, when organizers had been struggling to get sponsor for the commonwealth games.

Look at the sponsor list of commonwealth games, most of the sponsor list are occupied by public sectors such as Indian railways, and NTPC. When you talk of private sponsors, it’s only been Reebok and Tata motors who led the way, before Airtel decided to join the fray.

The games organizers should learn a lesson and henceforth, try to be ultra careful and make any event look more presentable, rather than scurrying for details at the last moment.

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