Indian currency Rupee has finally got a symbol

Friday, July 16, 2010

Indian currency Rupee has finally got a symbol

Indian currency Rupee has become the fifth currency in the world to be assigned a symbol.  The Indian parliament gave permissions to assign rupee with a rare symbol. The symbol is a blend of two popular scripts, Devnagiri and Latin.

The credit to find the right symbol goes to D. Udaya Kumar, the man who wins hearts of the Indian cabinet with his intelligent design. The symbol represents two horizontal lines, which cuts the Devnagiri (RA) in the upper section as shown in the picture above. Both lines cut across the Devnagiri script (RA) right on the top, which is in contrast to other currency symbols in the world.

For instance, the dollar represents single line, which cuts through the middle, but in the new rupee symbol, distinctions are obvious.

According to its designer, D. Udaya Kumar,” the design is purely based on Indian Flag, keeping in mind the two horizontal lines which run parallel in the upper half of the flag”.

The creation of Indian currency Rupee symbol has given rise to discussions that Rupee symbol may quickly find a place in computers and Typewriters key slots.

It’s a perfect honour assigned to one of the oldest existing currencies in the world. Rupee currency dates back to the BC era, when silver coins were on use. According to reports filtered in, the symbol won’t find a place on coins and currency notes, as yet. The symbol would have to be officially accepted by Unicorn Consortium’s Unicode Technical Committee, before cabinet issues any notices.  However, Indian Rupee has finally gotten an identification symbol.

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