What should you do when your tax refunds are delayed

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What should you do when your tax refunds are delayed

There is one queue outside the income tax office when you file your returns, and there is another one to obtain tax refunds.

Tax authorities are relatively reluctant to dispatch refunds. In some countries, particularly, tax authorities have been delaying tax refunds more often.

They are pretty clever to do it in a formal way. For instance, they will send a post mailer in the wrong address, only for the refunds to come back directly to the income tax department.

There are plenty of such instances when tax refunds have been delayed and; therefore, you will need to manage those in a deft manner.

Why tax refunds are delayed, is pretty much clear. It’s one of those back office deliberate slowness and intent to induce mistakes which give rise to situations where clients will be harassed to collect tax refunds.

You cannot prevent delays in tax refunds, but you can surely overcome those.

The best way to beat the tax refund delays is to run to the grievance cell of the income tax office. Lodge complaint as early as possible and wait for the problem to settle down.

Your problem might not end here as the grievance cell has in the past never showed their intention to sort out delayed tax refunds.

If that happens, go to the high court and file a lawsuit against income tax department. You are certain to get your refunds.

Courts have been settling plenty of income tax complaints, and many sufferers have even been receiving interest on the amount of tax refunds along with the actual tax refunds.

There is a small advice for you, though.

Why should you go after the courts to resolve your disputes?

You can get your tax refunds without any delay.

Find the back office staff who looks after your file, and bribe your way through.

A small token of appreciation is better than your whole struggle. The sooner you realize this statement, the better it is for you.

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