How to beat Covid 19 blues

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

How to beat Covid 19 blues

By Rajiv Sighamony

Stock market trader and writer

These are typical times, quite unprecedented in many ways, and to say the least, has in fact broken the typical notion we have built about life. When lockdowns and semi lockdowns are the order of the day, and when everyone is clueless as to what can happen next, the best we can do is let the times go by, hoping somewhere good times take us by surprise. The onset of a pandemic has definitely changed the way we perceived events in life, particularly, the happier ones. 

Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexels

People now have been forced to shift their comfort zone. Routines that were considered quite relaxing are now left in the trash. To give you an indication how life has changed, think about someone who has been your acquaintance for a while, and he or she is suffering from Covid19 attack, imagine him or her face breathing problems. And I am pretty sure you know a few who have been through this and some who are still going through the ordeal.  

To have these events surround your thought, is enough to break your comfort zone. Even if you are not suffering directly, to know your closed ones or distant relatives fighting out in the hospital bed will make you jittery. The more edgy you become, the more stress you bring into your life. It starts slowly, more covid19 cases around you, and it leaves you ruffling in the middle. 

It is exactly what we face at this moment, quite extraordinary, sitting in our drawing room, trying our best to find anything meaningful to focus upon, and then the best pastime - to sip an ounce of water, before deciding to pee one more time. Peeing has become such a habitual routine that you don’t even know when you are already in your bathroom, looking down enthusiastically, as if waiting to find something new.

What can be more traumatic is when you add the financial aspect into the mess. Those who have bought commercial vehicles and apartments are in the real mix, shrouded with shrinking possibilities of paying on time. The whole experience can rattle anyone, even the most sane individual alive. 

The best you can do

You just have to believe this - the best you can do is not doing anything. There is a saying that goes around in the stock market, and it says that the best you can do is just not trade that day when there are not enough opportunities lurking around you. The same applies here as well. However, if you are lying on the other side of the blanket, where you don’t even know where to find the solution for your next problem, then this one is certainly not for you.

The only way to deal with the present day stress is to know that there are hundreds and thousands who were less fortunate than us, probably didn’t have that luck to survive. Women who gave birth and died after being infected with Covid19. Children who lost both parents, Covid19 victims. Fathers desperately tried to save their sons and daughters, finally lost out. 

The list is endless. We are the lucky ones, perhaps, this is the time for us to show solidarity, come together and make a difference in other’s lives, to make this world a better place.

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