A guide to online aptitude test

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A guide to online aptitude test

Online aptitude tests are the new mode of aptitude and reasoning tests that are often required to be taken for various job positions. All the major industries, like, banking, finance, telecom, IT or administrative and public service jobs require candidates to take some form of aptitude test whether online or paper based.

In this article, we will provide all the relevant details of online aptitude tests.

A Brief about aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are designed in a systematic and a structured way to understand and evaluate how different people react to different situations.
This gives employers an overall idea of the mental reasoning ability and helps to predict the future work performance issues of a candidate with proven methods that are supported scientifically by various studies on the matter.
These tests are evaluated with standardized methods of scoring and administration and usually involve quantifying the results and comparing them to how the others have performed in the similar test.
Nowadays such aptitude tests are increasingly being administered with the help of a computer and are done online.

Structure of online aptitude tests

Here is a list of common topics that are usually included in online aptitude tests irrespective of the administering industry:
1.     Logical reasoning, like for example letter sequences
2.     Nonverbal reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, abstract reasoning, inductive reasoning, etc..
3.     Numerical reasoning
4.     Numerical reasoning with graphs and data tables (mainly occur in aptitude tests of banking and finance industries)
5.     Verbal reasoning with questions on comprehension reading and answering questions from the same
6.     Verbal reasoning regarding questions on synonyms and antonyms
7.     Computer aptitude test, analyzing certain fundamental knowledge areas regarding computers
8.     Verbal logic test
9.     Test on candidate’s vocabulary
10.                        Homonyms test
11.                        Lateral or creative thinking quiz
12.                        Spelling or punctuation tests this is not strictly a psychometric test but does work towards identifying the candidate’s verbal skills for applications mainly
13.                        Lateral logical-mathematical quiz
14.                        Secondary lateral thinking quiz
15.                        Another way of lateral thinking test with riddles
16.                        Teamwork style tests
17.                        Career Explorer tests
18.                        Leadership skill tests, not very common but is sometimes included describing various stressful situations in the questions that require an answer to what the candidate will do to solve them in an appropriate manner reflecting their leadership abilities
19.                        What are your strengths test, this test is also not a standard category but is often included to determine what are the candidate's strong points

The other type of aptitude test

Aptitude tests are often grouped into different categories based on the kind of cognitive ability they are focused on assessing. The other type of aptitude tests is:
Fluid intelligence test

The test is used to indicate a person’s ability to reason and think effectively, abstractly and strategically in order to find the solution to a problem.

Testing an individual for this skill enables the employers to determine the following things –

Whether you possess the ability to learn new skills faster.

Are you an efficient problem solver?

Can you think strategically which is pertinent for particular job profiles?

Do you have the ability to quickly incorporate new information?

Are you able to deal with ambiguity in decision-making etc.?

What to expect

The things one can expect from these tests are:
1.     One has to complete each and every question in a total time of not more than 30 seconds. The set time limit and difficulty level of the problems are set in such a way that 1 to 5 percent of the population can correctly answer all the questions in the given time frame
2.     Each test question contains multiple choice answers options. To solve a question successfully, you will be required to identify one or more logical patterns or rules to determine the next shape or the odd one out of the combination effectively.

Author- Aditya Singhal

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