Guide for Expats to work successfully in the UAE

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Guide for Expats to work successfully in the UAE

UAE is a vibrant city that has witnessed rapid development in recent years. With globalization and significant investment by other countries into this nation, there is a huge demand for national and overseas workforce. The entire world has witnessed how UAE has magically developed itself in a short span of time. 

This has also helped many expats to get white-collar jobs with good pay and living. In the present scenario, there is a sharp rise in migration of people in UAE from other countries. This migration is either for job search or for permanent settlement. So, if you are planning to work in the UAE, the following post would serve as a perfect guide for you.
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Business environment in UAE                               Source: Khaleej times

Globalization has changed the economic scenario rapidly. The tax-free income at the UAE attracts global talent to enjoy a high salary and perks. Even booming sectors like Biotechnology, banking and real estate entices job seekers to join the force in building business. Seven Emirate countries that make UAE has majority of Indians as expats, but the country is witnessing people coming from other countries for job and living.

Working in the UAE

Having a professional job in the UAE means working center in the economic hub. It has a number of harbors and upcoming trade zones attracting overseas companies to invest in. Similarly, living in the UAE, on the other hand, is entirely defined by Islam religion and mandatory to follow the rules applied in the country. 

The recruitment process in the UAE is quite different from the process in other countries. Therefore, you need to come across every step of the recruitment and need to prepare an appropriate resume.

To work in the UAE, an expat must have working contract from the company, only after which you can apply for a visa. Generally, once your position is fixed and offer letter is issued, the employer will initiate the visa process by putting request at Immigration Department.

If this is your first job in the UAE, then you should know the UAE Labor Rules, which asks the employer to meet all medical expenses incurred by employee during the job. Moreover, the employee is entitled to receive full salary during first six months or until the treatment completes.

Guide to Work as an Expat in the UAE

Follow the tips:

1.       Look for Better Accommodation: There is no doubt that employers in the UAE offer excellent accommodation under labor protection standards. It was estimated that, approximately $5.4bn was invested by Abu Dhabi in its all 23 cities to provide proper accommodation for over 385,000 employees. Accommodation also includes mini-market, playground, walkways, etc. So while completing the process of job in the UAE, seek information regarding your accommodation. If you have a family and capable of renting one, then you must go ahead for buying one.

2.       Know the Business Environment: The business tradition in the UAE is very different from other countries. Expats in the UAE enjoy a great sense of working rituals, which includes breaks, dinner invitations, tea, etc. There are can be extensions and postponement of work, especially during the month of Ramadan. So you may need to understand their working culture. Moreover, there are certain laws and regulations that are set between the employee and employer. You should clear these things before you join.

3.       Right Personal Approach: Expats working in the UAE will have to encounter different forms of working conditions. It is important for an expat to know how to approach employers and business partners during any occasion. Use of abbreviations should be avoided. 

4.       Following Religious Rules: UAE is an Islamic country, and employers here lay down strict rules for employees to follow the country’s religious rules. Be it during the month of Ramadan or in day-to-day life, you must abide rules and regulations laid down in the country. Similarly, your dressing should be modest and respectful to the culture.             

5.       Tray Using Expat Websites: If you have re-located to the UAE and still hunting for a job, then try using online job portals to make it easier to search a job. Presently, the UAE government is encouraging private sectors to provide jobs for nationals. In fact, there is a special quota system placed in sectors like banking and trading for Emiratis job seekers.

6.       No Bounced Cheques: Whether you are running a business or working for any organization, being an expatriate you must keep in mind that the UAE does not allow bounced cheques. This is a hefty crime, which will make you go behind bars.

7.       Enjoy Tax-Free Salaries: One of the major reasons why people from other countries consider working in the UAE is the tax-free salary. This enables expats to save more and can be used on rent and luxury goods.

Whether you have planned to re-locate permanently to the UAE or temporary for work purpose, understanding, and abiding the rules of the country is the top priority you must consider. Once you are fully prepared to adapt the culture, you can move ahead to apply for several lucrative jobs in the UAE.

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