Compare Travel Insurance Quotes

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Compare Travel Insurance Quotes

Important considerations

Shopping around for travel insurance can be time-consuming but it’s inherently worthwhile because you stand to get a better deal that could see you saving money on premiums and enjoying greater peace of mind as a result of obtaining a more comprehensive travel insurance policy for your next overseas holiday. 
Compare Travel Insurance Quotes
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However, it should be said that you can use insurance comparison websites to spend less time comparing travel insurance premiums, though bear in mind there’s more to a good travel insurance policy than premiums alone, which includes, but isn’t limited to, the following:

-       Declaring existing medical conditions

Existing medical conditions must be declared otherwise you’ll find you won’t be able to make a claim. 

-       Understanding clauses, for instance, cancellation and curtailment clauses

Fine print is characteristic of insurance policies so make sure that if you need to cancel or cut your holiday short you’ll be covered. 

-       Destinations that incur higher premiums because of high healthcare costs 

Travelling to the US, Canada and the Caribbean incurs higher insurance premiums because of the high cost of healthcare. 

-       Limitations concerning claims 

For instance, whilst you might be able to claim up to £1,000 pounds for lost, damaged or stolen belongings, insurers usually cap individual claims at lesser amounts. 

With that in mind, here are some handy tips to make comparing travel insurance quotes quicker and easier for you so that you can concentrate on more important things, like planning your itinerary and all the fun activities you’re going to engage in on your overseas holiday. 

  1. Use a travel insurance comparison website to compare quotes
Using a comparison website makes comparing travel insurance quotes from leading travel insurance companies much quicker and more convenient, saving you time that could be put to better use. 

Travel insurance comparison websites are aimed at travellers with medical conditions, though even if you don’t have a medical condition to take into consideration you’re still advised to use a comparison website because it expands the options available to you, and where travel insurance is concerned, that’s highly advantageous. 

However, remember that some travel insurance comparison websites are better than others – some are just too limited to provide comprehensive comparisons – so bear this in mind and search accordingly. 

  1. Look for insurance reviews online when narrowing down your selection
When you narrow down your search using a travel insurance comparison website, it’s still highly advisable to look for and read through reviews of insurers online. 

Whilst most will be highly reputable insurers – most travel insurance comparison websites only list the leading insurers – some will naturally prove a better choice than others so take this into account when searching for a great deal on travel insurance. 

  1. Read through each policy carefully before making a decision
There’s far more to a good travel insurance policy than competitive premiums alone, and to gain an informed understanding of how competitive each policy you consider is, you need to read through each policy carefully and ensure that the following features – which every basic travel insurance policy should feature – are included; moreover, you should also compare the extent of cover for each feature the policies you consider providing. 

-       Baggage and belongings

Good policies should pay out at least £1,500 pounds, though don’t overlook single item payout caps, which are usually set at £250 to £500. 

-       Cancellation and curtailment

If you need to cancel your holiday or cut it short, you need to know you’re covered. Read through the fine print covering the cancellation and curtailment clause to ensure it covers your needs. 

-       Delay compensation 

Some insurers offer better deals regarding delay compensation than others and some require their customers to produce a letter from the airline. 

-       Emergency assistance 

Any insurance company worth its salt will a have 24-hour emergency assistance hotline.

-       Medical cover 

This is the most-important feature of travel insurance policy and there’s a lot to take into account whether you have a medical condition or not. A minimum of £2 million pounds coverage is considered essential so as to cover emergency repatriation home. 

-       Personal liability 

Personal liability insurance covers you in case you accidentally injure someone else whilst on holiday. If you’re planning on skiing or hiring a car, it’s an essential feature. 

  1. Evaluate your needs to avoid superfluous premiums
Whilst it’s great to know you’re covered, bear in mind that the more you’re covered for, the more your premiums will be. For instance, £2 million medical cover is considered adequate, so £3 million medical coverage is superfluous and will raise your premiums unnecessarily. 

Travel insurance, like the American Express ads of yesteryear, really isn’t something to leave home without, but then again, it isn’t something you should pay more than you need to either.

About the author-

Vicki Mosses writes for an insurance comparison site. Medical Travel Compared provides users who are over 50 or have pre-existing conditions with suitable options.

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