Thriving Job Prospects in UAE

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thriving Job Prospects in UAE

Every year large number of students enters in the competitive market sector, each one trying to score an edge over others to make their way to reputed jobs. Providing sophisticated professional ambiance United Arab Emirates offers diverse career opportunities for the college graduates. Opening wide gateways to the job seekers, the country invites natural talents to pursue a career at reputed platforms. This article talks about the employment prospects at different emirates in the country. Read on to get a closer view of the opportunities available.

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Job prospects in the country is excellent with plenty of multinational companies having established their foothold in cities like Dubai and  Abu Dhabi, U.A.E is the most alluring place where individuals would like to pursue their career and establish themselves. Make sure that before applying for jobs in any city of U.A.E, your resume is fully prepared to make a stunning impression at first place. Whether making a first attempt in the professional world or planning to review current career options, affirm that numerous facets pertaining to the industry have been widely taken care of.

Preparation Before the Search

Applying for jobs in U.A.E may be a dream but is your resume quite ready for that.

Blindfold attempts may leave you nowhere, so make sure that you have a well drafted resume in your hand. Roaming streets and wandering for employers would certainly not serve your purpose, rather identify your skills, list them and incorporate them in your resume. Be it any domain you hold forte in and any type of job you are ready to start your career, Curriculum Vitae is the first thing to break the ice. Use it as the wisest weapon and upload it on various job portal sites to attract various opportunities.

Avoid CV mistakes and make sure that it contains all necessary information required by the employer. CV defines and reflects your abilities to an extent and, therefore, should be attractive and informative.  With well-prepared CV, one might consider several opportunities. 

For jobs in U.A.E below are certain industries that can be explored.

Job opportunities in U.A.E

  • Oil and IT sector: - U.A.E sets high and stable employment prospects for IT aspirants. The sector enjoys high growth in the country and remuneration packages offered are in par with the middle level management packages. Also, generous employee benefits are also attached to the profiles.  The country enjoys strong ethical foundation and offers robust policy to job seekers usually fresher’s providing them enough exposure to hone their skills. The demand for IT professionals is remarkably high in the city because many oil companies are eager to develop their database and try to utilize IT assistance from experts.

  • Banking and finance sector: - Banking and finance sectors are crucial for the economic stability of the country and U.A.E has ample options in banking sector, affirming stable career. Government also takes initiatives to create specific banks, generating  a number of jobs.

  • Real Estate: - Lucrative job opportunities resulted in high disposable income which has actually led to a huge surge in the real estate market of U.A.E. Technicians, architects and builders. The market has increased seeing the inevitable growth.

  • Other Jobs: Apart from Oil companies, job hunters can also pick up career in various other fields as in medical, arts, music, literature, graphic designing, teaching and engineering.

Working Culture in U.A.E

Working in U.A.E varies from other countries. As each nation have its own norms and beliefs, the working conditions in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi permits high degree of flexibility to the individuals apart from conventional professional work. 

Dubai works from Sundays to Thursdays and Friday is the religious off. Employees have to work for minimal of 8 hours in a day, and extra time efforts are paid-off with compensations. The companies expect the employees with certain list of do have and don’ts to go through well as stringent Arabic culture might offend some and hinder the work culture.

Government of U.A.E has initiated various measures to invite investors from neighboring countries, promoting a healthy work environment. Tax leverages on foreign businesses has allowed MNC’s, and many reputed brands to foray in the gulf nation, providing a plethora of job opportunities.

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