Types of Loans and Funding

Monday, February 4, 2013

Types of Loans and Funding

Money is the best enabler, and, unfortunately, those of us who don't have it will often find that we aren't able to accomplish all of our aims and goals. Whether you want to go on a vacation somewhere that will provide a thrilling adventure, you want to take a gadget or other item that will bring you a lot of joy, you're looking to move home, or you want to start an entrepreneurial enterprise - in any case you will need money to do so.

We often find ourselves looking for funding or loans that can help us make our dreams off the ground, and there are many different ways we can accomplish this. Here, we will look at some of the various types of funding and loans you can get.

Grant: A grant is perhaps the best form of funding available for various reasons. Essentially a grant is a type of funding where you don't pay back that comes from the government or an investor, and this can be used to help begin any kind of project that the government or an organization believes in. For example if you are looking for a cure to a disease then you might be able to get a grant from a charity, while if you're running a publishing company specialising in verse then you may be able to get funding from your local arts council.

Bootstrapping: This is another way of raising money that does not require you to pay anyone back and essentially means raising the funds yourself with a business enterprise of some kind. By raising money for a smaller side project, you may raise funds for a large project.

Loans: There are all kinds of different loans you can use to start a business, move house or buy your dream gadget. For extremely short period purchases, you have the option of a payday loan, for example that you can use immediately, with least hassles. You can use this for anything, but unusually high interest rate means that you actually want to pay it off within a month ideally. Alternatively, you can look into long-term loans if you have a good case for your needs, and a good credit history and this can represent a business loan, a mortgage or a standard loan depending on your needs. These have lower interest and are more flexible, but they're also harder to get.

Investors: There are all kinds of ways you can get investors if it's a business or event you're planning. The most obvious way to get investment of course is to become a public company in which case investors can assist you by buying stocks and shares (or you can sell bonds). Another method, however, is to look for angel investors or venture capitalists. Usually you will be selling a percentage of your profit this way, and depending on the contract and type of investment, you may also offer over some control to the investor.

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