3 Technological Advancements to Make Cars Run Faster

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

3 Technological Advancements to Make Cars Run Faster

The moment you dream about the future of driving, images of millions of cars buzzing more or less unnoticeably on batteries or fuel cells come to your mind. You might visualize that your car is a fighter jet or that you are probably cruising to Mars in a rocket ship. You are not far off from turning your dreams into reality. Majority of the technologies present in your cars today have emerged from the aerospace industry. These technologies prove beneficial as they make your car run faster and more energy-efficient. Here are 7 amazing Aerospace technologies present in your vehicle.

1. Solar Panels to Keep Your Batteries Completely Charged-

You will find solar cells present on car’s rooftops these days. One of the major advantages of having a solar-powered vehicle is that it does not emit emissions. This is because of the presence of electric motors in solar powered vehicles. Other benefits include minimal fuel costs and preservation of natural environment. If you are looking to buy the 2010 Toyota Prius, you can choose solar panels that come as part of the package. Selecting Prius along with solar panels installed proves advantageous because the solar panels control a small fan, which assists in cooling car’s interiors while it's parked.

2. GPS Navigation to Make Travelling More Convenient- 

By installing Global Positioning System (GPS) into your vehicle you will be able to easily locate fuel refilling stations and nearest places that have an ATM. If you are unfamiliar to places while travelling either for a vacation or for business purposes, then GPS can be beneficial for you. This device helps you skip routes congested with traffic, thereby allowing you reach your preferred destination in a hassle-free manner. In case your car is stolen, GPS makes it easier to trace your car.  

3. Anti-Lock Brakes For Better Control of Your Vehicle-

Most cars these days have Antilock Brakes (ABS), which obstructs wheel lock-up by mechanically altering the brake pressure, particularly at the time of an emergency stop. This four-wheel system helps the driver have good control over the steering and stop it at a very short distance under most circumstances. By installing ABS in your cars, you will be able to save lives of people, as control of the vehicle rests with the driver. You will be able to boost the market value of your vehicle by installing Antilock Brakes. Many people are installing ABS in their vehicles these days. If you have not yet installed it in your car then do it soon in order to avoid lower resale price of your vehicle.

Science & Cars – Finding the Relation

Inertia is one thing that helps you establish a direct relationship between science and cars. The kind of force used to keep an object moving until a different object stops is termed as inertia. When you drive a car at high speed and abruptly stop the vehicle, your body jerks forward. However, your seat belt acts as a different object that stops you. The kind of force used to move you forward is known as inertia.

Consider installing these amazing technologies in your car and see it run smoothly at a remarkable speed. In case your car breaks down and you aren’t able to detect the technical faults with the vehicle, you can get it repaired from the nearest car servicing centre. 

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