Things to know before you invest in a Boat

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Things to know before you invest in a Boat

You need to arrive at an estimated budget before you invest on a boat. Also, you may have to decide upon the payment scheme, as whether you’ll choose a one-time payment or a monthly instalment.

When you research on the available offerings, you can narrow your focus to that section of the market that suits your budget. You can break down your budget for the following requirements:

  • Initial capital cost of the boat/monthly instalments
  • Fuel
  • Moorings
  • Research cost for choosing a boat type
  • Servicing
  • Survey report
  • Maintenance Insurance

The market is categorized based on the different kinds of boat craft offerings. Cruisers, day boats, fishing boats, trawlers and fly bridges are available. Choose your boat design depending upon where you intend to use the boat. Coastal and river boats are made to perform specific tasks; so pick a boat, designed exclusively, for where you need to sail it and have an enjoyable experience.

Second-hand boat models do not cost much; you can set aside some money to purchase the correct boat craft. Boats bought second-hand gives you scope for updating your boat model according to the cruising style.

What you must question yourself

Arrive at how long and where you intend to sail the boat. Make note of the number of people you wish to have onboard. Ascertain whether you’d like to spend the night on the boat. Assess how agile the boat crew are and if deck access is a priority. Also, ask yourself whether you’d like a boat style to be secluded or exposed to nature. Listed below are some popular boat designs for you to choose from:

Sports cruisers

Sports cruisers are sought after for their trendy appearance and fast engines. The boats offer a good degree of accommodation and are available in various sizes; they range from small sizes to large vessels. Sport cruises usually have inboard power engines. Vessels more than 30 feet provide hardtop facility in the cockpit. Four members can be comfortably accommodated on the boat.

Day boats

All boats can be considered to be day boat. But what is specifically meant is that the boat is a small, open craft with a cosy cabin that can be used at inshore and harbour. Day boats can cruise at different speeds depending upon the power of the outboard or inboard engines. Small, light crafts are ideal for trailing; such boats are also relatively inexpensive and easier to maintain.


Wheelhouse is a classic styled boat that provides a sheltered position for steering. It has a salon on the deck. It is practically designed to allow sufficient light and give easy access to the cockpit.

Fly bridge

Fly bridges are usually placed over a wheelhouse. The versatile design is a popular choice for cruisers. The combination provides a comfortable, sheltered deck level accommodation which generally includes a lower deck. The boat also has an exclusive upper deck for a thrilling boat expedition.

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