Career Options for Electricians

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Career Options for Electricians

Your decision to choose electrical and electronics as a career option does not end there. There are various specializations when it comes to what kind of electrician you want to become. The industry seeks different types of expertise, and it is important to explore your options before you decide to enroll into programs and obtain your certification. Following are the best career options for electricians.

Domestic electricians

These are the kinds of electricians that we are familiar with. They travel from place to place, and install and repair electrical wiring in residential settings. Domestic electricians are well equipped to handle any and all kinds of electrical requirements. They also possess extensive knowledge about a lot of appliances such as refrigerators, television sets, music players, microwaves etc.

Commercial electricians

The skills of commercial electricians are extended to trade settings like shopping malls, stores, office buildings, restaurants, hospitals and schools. If you want to get into this line of work in the electrician trade, you will have to do the work that involves installing, repairing and testing air conditioning systems and lighting. Most commercial facilities require security systems. As a commercial electrician, you will have to possess the know-how of these systems, how to install them and how to ensure optimal functioning. Commercial settings must also adhere to safety and health standards – something that commercial electricians must know how to implement while working in such surroundings.  

Construction electricians

As a construction electrician, you will be trained on how to design and install a new building’s electrical structure, whether it is residential, industrial or commercial. You will have to know about the various requirements of a client and find ways in which you can meet all his electrical needs. You will usually work very closely with architects, carpenters and engineers during various steps of the construction process.

Industrial electricians

Usually, a lot of industrial electrician courses will provide students with the training that will help them in specializing in robotics and electronics, blueprint interpretation, and instrumentation control systems. As an industrial electrician, you will claim responsibility for repairing, installing, testing and maintaining electrical equipment in workshops, factories or other industrial settings. Based on the situation, you may choose whether you want to work as a permanent technician for a company or an independent contractor.  


These electricians are also called outdoor electricians or journeymen. Their specialization lies in building electrical power systems. A lineman’s job includes everything from constructing a support tower to installing underground cables and overhead power lines. Linemen are responsible for providing us with modern conveniences such as traffic and street lights, making our lives better.

No matter which area you choose to specialize in, the Electrical Code will be taught to you at most electrician courses, which means that you will have to learn the code and know it thoroughly. The code contains information on provisions and requirements connected with all electrical work. It also has details on alternative resources or materials that you may use instead of the traditional ones.

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