4 Notable Figures in the Finance Industry to follow

Monday, June 4, 2012

4 Notable Figures in the Finance Industry to follow

The finance industry is filled with many personalities and experts, but only a select few have reached celebrity status. This means they reach more people, sell more products and generally operate under a massive umbrella network.

We decided to look at few of these notable figures in the finance industry and see which ones you favour the most? Take a look at our four picks below.

1. Ramit Sethi -

Ramit Sethi is a young personal finance “web” celeb who caters to other young finance go getters looking for good money advice. He runs the very popular IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com that doles out tough finance love at the 20’s and 30’s something crowd. He’s been doing it since 2004 and is nowhere yet reached his peak, in other words - there’s still a lot more to be learned (and gleaned) from Mr. Sethi. He mentions in a recent article that he makes the majority of his income via various courses offered through his blog and I should note that one of these courses is $1,000 a head. His blog is quite comprehensive though, and not for the faint hearts as most of his posts are over 1,000 words long. Ramit Sethi is one to watch in the personal finance arena.

2. Martin Lewis -

You might not be terribly familiar with this name yet, but if you live in the UK, you know the name for sure. He runs MoneySavingExpert.com a site he created in 2003 for $100 that he recently sold to a major finance conglomerate for $87,000,000 in one fell swoop. In essence, he’s now the UK personal finance web celeb of the decade after this major accomplishment. As for the blog, it’s filled with every personal finance topic imaginable including budgeting, earning more, saving, investing, credit cards, real estate and frugal living. Martin Lewis is an example of someone with an ordinary idea who turned it into something extraordinary.

3. Warren Buffett -

Who hasn’t heard of Warren Buffett? His face and name are practically synonymous with money. He’s an investor extraordinaire who has amassed a massive personal fortune via smart and calculated risks over his lifetime. Many look to him as the investor of all investors and share his conservative strategies for accumulating wealth. The only black mark on his record is his investment in the now defunct and failing MySpace. Not that it hurt him anymore.

4. Suze Orman -

Suze is one of those rare personalities that can make a boring and drab topic fun. Her energy and excitement are contagious and her working class roots make her that much more appealing. She’s been featured on every major news outlet, magazine and newspaper and was a regular on the Oprah TV show as the finance go to guru. Her books are all best sellers and her blog is a good place to get updates on her latest and greatest new projects. But not all is rosy with Suze as she recently got quite a bit of flack for a new credit card she peddled to the masses as “good for your credit”, (but the credit card does not report to the credit bureaus) and personal finance bloggers did not take too kindly to her curt dismissal of one of their own, when she called one “an idiot”. We still love Suze though as she quickly apologized and made a public statement to address the controversy.

There you have it. Four notable figures in the personal finance industry to follow along for good advice, tips or in Ramit’s case - a kick in the pants and some tough love.

Author’s Bio: Missy Diaz

Missy writes for term life insurance quotes blog on the web. When she’s not writing about notable finance figures, she loves to write about frugal living and earning a higher income.

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