Is the economic fallout a reason for London Riots

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is the economic fallout a reason for London Riots

England is reeling under the affects of a rare London riot, which has threatened the future sports in the country. At a time when London is gearing up for 2012 Olympics, a riot in the country is surely a question mark for the authorities. They would now like to rethink again. The current India-England series could also be affected, if the riot continues.

 A Riot scene from London
It’s a sad state of affairs in the country, as 16,000 police personnel’s are battling it out with rioters. The rioters, mostly blacks have been fuming with rage. They are looting streets, and the most stunning part is the role of some parents who are encouraging their children to indulge in arson and plunder. But why do rioters have to become so violent. The UK economy is in doldrums, and unemployment is on the rise. The poor have developed an animosity towards the rich, and that is how the riots have shaped in England.

English migratory rules for the Europeans may also have led to the high unemployment rate, and the subsequent economic crisis. The people are looting shops, and belongings, which clearly says that the present London riots is more of a protest, about what the poor want from the government. However, the government has always been least concerned with checking migration, or making employment available to minority groups.

Unless, the government comes with a short and a long term to solve the economic problems and show its eagerness to create employment, such public vent of anger will continue to take place. London riots are the handiwork of new found energetic criminal groups, who are more interested in making their ends met.

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