Microsoft new phones wait to arrive in the market

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Microsoft new phones wait to arrive in the market

The world’s largest software firm had decided to launch new Smartphone in the market. Microsoft chief executive is quite ecstatic about the new launch.

The company had issued a statement that it is prepared to launch nine new phones in the month of November, in at least 30 countries. Although, the phones are not manufactured by Microsoft, the firm would be marketing under its own brand.

According to company sources, the marketing budget is set at approximately $100 million. Some predict that the extent of Microsoft marketing plans may give the firm a good chance to compete against the more established Smartphone firms, apple and android based phones. Still, it won’t be that easy for Microsoft.

Phone features

The Microsoft phones are in sharp contrast with iphone. While the new phones are said to have large screens, and slid out keyboards, the iphone are very much opposite to it.

The firm would use handsets from Samsung, LG, HTC and Dell, and the network would be hired from AT&T for United States coverage.

The mobile phones would be available from November onwards in stores across North America and Europe.

The new phones are expected to put up a fine performance. Company sources have pointed out that the phone features would surely attract mobile phone users.

Though, it would be hard to steal apple users in the beginning, but the phone is expected to attract a fair share of mobile users.

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