Fox channels out of range in New York

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fox channels out of range in New York

In a major move, Fox channels decided to block its Fox 5 and MY 9 Channels out of the coverage area for cablevision customers. The result is that the New York area cablevision customers couldn’t watch the two main channels of Fox network.

Fox had been in a major disagreement with cablevision. According to cablevision, fox had been charging exorbitant funds to put its two channels Fox 5 and My 9 on air.
Fox officials have gone on record saying that the charges have been very reasonable, considering they broadcast a very superior video programming for all their programs.

Customer seems to be quite annoyed with the disagreement between both parties.

Cablevision Customers have shown their annoyance with the turn of events, fearing that the continuance of dispute may very well snatch the opportunity to watch a very crucial match of the national league championship series on Saturday.

It remains to be seen how long the dispute would linger, and how the channels and the cable operator resolve the difference.

News Corp, which owns Fox channels, had serious financial disagreements over the cost of the broadcast.

News Corp gets $70 million annually, but had asked for a payment of $150 million annually, which has created all sorts of problem.

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