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Thursday, November 4, 2021

These 7 Remote Engineering Jobs Will Get You Highest Paychecks

Computer science and engineering are the only two consistent fields to rate among the top-paying college majors consistently. There is no denying that engineering has become mainstream in modern education. However, it came to be because of specific reasons, for instance, high pay scale, immense diversity, international exposure, etc. If you choose engineering as a career, you will be automatically enrolled in challenges based on your reward level.

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Thursday, July 1, 2021

How to Target My Resume for Multiple Jobs

Focusing on the time everyone is residing, getting a proper job has become a real hard task, especially while there is so much scarcity of jobs during present times. However, it is your qualified resume that can help you stand out of the queue. 

Well, sending out tons of resumes to several companies didn’t work very well before. But that doesn’t mean you should lose hope. There are ways to apply for multiple jobs by targeting your resume accurately. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

How to beat Covid 19 blues

By Rajiv Sighamony

Stock market trader and writer

These are typical times, quite unprecedented in many ways, and to say the least, has in fact broken the typical notion we have built about life. When lockdowns and semi lockdowns are the order of the day, and when everyone is clueless as to what can happen next, the best we can do is let the times go by, hoping somewhere good times take us by surprise. The onset of a pandemic has definitely changed the way we perceived events in life, particularly, the happier ones. 

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

What can you expect after doing a Master’s in Finance?

If you are interested in playing with numbers and figuring out the story behind it, you are probably the right fit for the program. After completing your Masters in Finance, you get immense job opportunities since the industry is broad, challenging, interesting. 

A postgraduate degree in Finance can be the best option to get a role in finance-related jobs, and it can help you land in any industry you can think of. Besides, the tools, knowledge, and methods used in the field of Finance are the same. This allows you to travel and find work in different nations.

Friday, September 4, 2020

How the pandemic unfolded a mess and created murkier economic conditions

The world is not the same anymore. It’s not just about lifestyle changes we are experiencing, but economic decisions post the emergence of lockdown is simply baffling. The quality of life in terms of money has fallen down. Even those with spending powers have now reduced their spending because fear of uncertainty has crept in. 

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It doesn’t matter which economic class you belong to, the economic mess is there for everyone to see and experience first hand. Just imagine what someone staying in a rental home in a city like Mumbai, or in any other cosmopolitan city has to endure when he is left with no job, or unpaid salary for months. Imagine his mental state, and how will he manage himself.  

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